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Any business owner knows that money generates more money. The difficult part in determining how much money a company needs, is in planning how much money can be made through proper investment and asset allocation. It sounds complicated, and it is! Taking on additional financing is a challenging decision that requires anticipation and initiative for company growth; timing is everything.

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Six Consumer Credit Myths

Credit scores are often the determining factor when it comes to eligibility for loans, cars, homes, etc.; and many Americans take advantage of the infamous credit card, as $57 billion in new credit card debt is computed annually. Understanding how credit scores work is essential to securing financial stability.

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Extended Payment Terms

Offering Payment Terms

While many small business owners may be uncomfortable with the uncertainty of selling product with extended payment terms, there are a variety of reasons why companies accommodate this type of payment structure. Extended terms increase new customer potential by accommodating the needs of larger companies, while also bridging supplier costs to allow for additional distribution outlets.

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