Cashflow Financing

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Cash flow based lending is a way in which a company can cover its current expenses by borrowing against a projected future cash flow. This type of funding allows a company to borrow money without physical collateral like property or assets.

A way in which a company can cover its current expenses by borrowing against its projected future cash flow

How it Works

Because it does not require any sort of collateral, a number of steps are removed in the lending process, making cash flow based lending a fast and flexible way for a company to cover its expenses. Use items like purchase orders, invoices, credit card payments (merchant cash advances) and etc to qualify. 1.888.893.6828 for a complimentary Business Analysis Meeting to discuss your options.

Qualifying for a Cash Flow Loan

As long as your company has outstanding receivables, then you are likely to qualify. The total amount that you will be able to finance is based on the amount of your anticipated future income sources.

  • Companies in business at least 15 months
  • $150,000+ in gross annual revenue
  • A majority owner with a 600+ personal credit score

  • 6.99% – 39.9% APR
  • Your loan amount and rate will be based on our assessment of your business along with your business and personal credit scores
  • Fixed daily/weekly/monthly payments
  • Electronic payments accepted
  • Automatic deduction is available on most plans
  • There are no additional fees charged when all payments are made on time